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A designer by heart and a dreamer by soul. My passion for design has fed my hunger for life ever since I was young girl. I have always dreamed of color combinations and floated up in spaces beyond what the normal eye would see. I whole heartedly believe that spaces, which we live in, are meant to inspire us and allow us to feel emotions, to recall memories and to live a life worth remembering.


With over 12 years of experience in the design and construction industry and currently being A Senior Design Manager with one of the region's leading Real Estate Developers, I have combined my passion and garnered knowledge to do what I love the most: touching people's lives with the spaces we create. I have worked along side some of the top International brands such as Six Senses, Intercontinental, Fairmont, Jumeriah and many more. Striving to build spaces that can host dreams and memories for people, is a goal that I am constantly aspiring to conquer and further its cause.

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