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  • Mennah Darwish

A Private Residence: The Refined Meaning of Grandeur & Leisure

'Luxury is a state of mind'

"I’m a man of simple tastes, I’m always satisfied with the best." - Oscar Wilde

Starting off with one of my favorite quotes of all time, let me welcome you to the 2nd post in our Luxury series! In this series, we will be sharing with you insights on some of the high-end projects which we have designed and built through the years. For this specific post, we shall be taking you through the doors of one our most exclusive private residences. A personal best, if you may say! This opulent property is a ultra luxurious 4BD duplex villa located in the heart of the Dubai Marina within the gates of JLMG (Jumeirah Living Marina Gate). With direct waterfront views, double height features and a private gym, this private villa is set to astound you and shake your perception of grandeur as you know it.

Soft Hues & Dreamy Cues

It is really rare for our minds to stop and try to feel a space upon entering it. However, it is very common to walk into a space and have it instantly engross you in feelings and emotions beyond your control. Whether those feelings are those of calm and serenity or those of agitation and nervous energy, that all falls into the hands of the Interior Designer. Since we are adamant on how our spaces make our customers feel, as a rule of thumb, we first start with projecting that 'special feeling'. Do we want them to feel 'Light & Dreamy', so we play around with the amount of sunlight filtering through the space? Do we want them to feel the level of 'Exclusivity & Luxury'? So we carefully select our hues & finishes while increasing our level of attention to the most minor details? All of these are ways to maestro the effect of the spaces on our customer's psyche while taking a journey through our property.

'It is so good to be home'

The living room is one of the central hubs of a home. The kitchen comes second in line after the living room, however, they have very different 'gathering' activities. In the case of a living room, it is where you sit down at the end of the day and catch up with loved ones and friends over a football game or a movie marathon. It is simply a place where you hear, see and live moments with your family as they build memories filled with laughter, story-telling and joy. For that exact reason, we wanted to make sure that Living room spoke volumes of comfort and serenity. A living room that reminded you everyday how 'It is so good to be home'.

In our years of experience, neutral tones have always been the best way to cultivate positive energy in a space. Combining that with natural daylight and possibly subtle hints of golden hues and you are good to go. As shown in the images below, we decided to bring out the golden hues in our main feature wall curated specially for our villa by Al Zubaidi Paints. The feature wall extended a length of 10m covering the full extend of the living room, dining room and home office areas. With that in the bag, we focused on using light sheers to bring in as much sunlight as possible. Lucky to have a double height feature, our customers walked into a light haven upon entering their home.

'The gathering place'

From kids studying to family gathering for meals, the array of activities, around a dining table, can go beyond our imagination. Thus, when selecting the dining table, we had to pause and regroup our thoughts. What are we trying to achieve? We need the table to be in a location which would be functional, accessible and (most assuredly) would complement the interior layout of the villa. Keeping in mind that we wanted to have a separate 'Formal' & 'Family' dining tables, we had ensure that they both complemented and added aesthetic value to each other. Hence, we decided on a circular family dining table, with a marble top, while we kept our feature 2.8m dining table and masterpiece for the formal dining area.

And what is the next most important task after choosing your dining tables (family & formal)? Exactly, the dining table décor! Oh if we can write a book on our love for dining table décor, it would be 'Confessions of a décor-holic'. There is nothing more soothing for our nerves or exciting for our senses like the exercise of setting up a dining table! And oh the joy of one finding the perfect ensemble between the centerpieces and the table settings. Seriously, we can go on for days... But we won't! Instead lets take a look at the below stunning beauty which we skillfully have put together for our Formal Dining Room. We bought the cutlery, table setting & glass ware from Crate & Barrel. The magnificent Flower ensemble was customized for us by Bloomr. Make sure to follow the link and give it a thumbs up on our Pinterest page - it has been trending for weeks!

'I am great in bed, I can sleep for days'

Whether the day is over or it is about to begin, the bedroom is the place to feel relaxed and easy. Thus, in this 4BD duplex, we made sure that all the bedrooms are facing the marina. Even the guest bedroom on the ground floor, gets an opulent view of the Dubai Maria. Although, there is a chance that your guest may never want to leave!

Going to the upper level, we have the private en-suite bedrooms with the main focus being on the master bedroom. Stealing the show with its warm hues and the Italian porcelain wood-alike tiles, the bedroom feels like a sanctuary to the senses. We made sure to add a comfortable retractable armchair in the corner. In other bedrooms we with a dressing table and vanity mirror. Each bedroom had a color theme: light greys, feather greens, blossom maroons and skylight blues. All linen was done and set up as part of our collaboration with Ethan Allen.

The furniture Selection

'It is comfort first, comfort last and comfort always' - Timothy Corrigan

Finally arriving at the last and most exciting bit of this blog, our furniture selection! We were so happy to collaborate with Ethan Allen on this project. They were able to curate a full solution for the full villa (give or minus a piece or two). We weren't sure at the beginning if their style was going to work with our modern and clean interiors. However, given that Ethan Allen is one of the leading luxury American furniture brands in the market, our trepidation was all wiped away once we set foot in their Dubai Showroom (located on Sheikh Zayed Road). Sarah Hadad, head of business at Ethan Allen, was one of the best things that could have happened to us!. Sarah and the team invited us to the showroom and blew us away with the mockup setting they had arranged in the store for us. We got to see and review the full furniture selection and all the selected finishes. Ethan Allen are one of the biggest furniture shops where you can completely customize and curate your own finishes, fabrics and details of your furniture selection.

Last but not least, after the completion of the job, they requested to come and film the property due to its stunning and opulent vibes. Below is the final video production by Ethan Allan of our gorgeous 4BD duplex Villa. Furthermore, make sure to visit the Select Group website to check out the virtual tour of this unit.


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